Bill C-17

Air Canada and Its Associates Act

An Act to amend the Air Canada Public Participation Act

This bill was tabled by Denis Lebel on Oct. 18, 2011.


How does a bill become a law?

Don’t trust Schoolhouse Rock – that’s for Americans. To become a law, a bill in the Canada’s Parliament needs to go through the following steps, and pass when voted on during each step:

  • It all starts with the first reading, when the bill is introduced.
  • Next comes the second reading, when other MPs or Senators get to debate the bill.
  • After that, the bill goes to a committee that studies and amends it line-by-line. Once they finish, the bill goes returns to the House or Senate for the report stage, where anyone can propose amendments.
  • The third reading is the moment of truth: no more changes, just a debate and a final vote on whether or not the bill should pass.
  • If a bill makes it through all of those steps – in both the House of Commons and Senate – it’s ready to get Royal Assent and become a law.

Status of this Bill

Introduction and First Reading

Activity Feed

  • Photo of Mauril Bélanger
    Mauril Bélanger spoke about Government Orders > Extension of Sitting Hours

    Mr. Speaker, I listened carefully just now to the bills that the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons enumerated in his speech. I noted that he did not include Bill C-17, An Act to amend the Air Canada Public Participation Act, which was introduced at first reading on October 17, 2011, and which we have heard nothing about since. ... more

    May 21, 2013,   Parliament
  • Photo of Peter Van Loan
    Peter Van Loan spoke about Oral Questions > Business of the House

    Mr. Speaker, I want to start by thanking everyone involved in supporting us as members of Parliament in Tuesday’s voting. Despite all of the amendments at committee and in the House, the balance of the government’s 2012 economic action plan will become law shortly. ... more

    Dec. 6, 2012,   Parliament
  • Ms. Carmen Cheung (Counsel, British Columbia Civil Liberties Association) spoke

    Thank you very much. ... more

    Nov. 28, 2012,   Parliament
  • Photo of Francis Scarpaleggia
    Francis Scarpaleggia spoke about Government Orders > Jobs and Growth Act, 2012

    Mr. Speaker, it is a pleasure for me this morning to rise once again in the House to debate a 2012 budget implementation bill. This is the second round of debate on the 2012 budget. I would like to start by taking my colleagues back 20 years in time, to 1993 and 1994, when three events took place that I believe are relevant to the debate today in the House. ... more

    Oct. 29, 2012,   Parliament
  • Photo of Mauril Bélanger
    Mauril Bélanger spoke about Private Members’ Business > Canada Labour Code

    Mr. Speaker, Bill C-315 introduced by the hon. member for Trois-Rivières—whom I am getting to know and for whom my respect is growing—is of great interest, primarily because it highlights contradictions, both on the government side and on the official opposition side. ... more

    Nov. 25, 2011,   Parliament
  • Photo of Mauril Bélanger

    Thank you, Mr. Chairman. ... more

    Oct. 25, 2011,   Parliament
  • Photo of Denis Lebel
    Denis Lebel spoke about Routine Proceedings > Air Canada and Its Associates Act

    moved for leave to introduce Bill C-17, An Act to amend the Air Canada Public Participation Act. ... more

    Oct. 17, 2011,   Parliament